Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom! ♥

It's close to 1:30 am, but I didn't want to go to bed without saying Happy Birthday to my Mom!  Spending time with my family was the best way to end a really shitty weekend.

Tomorrow is a new day and I will face it with all the strength and positivity that I have.  Strength really can come in numbers, and you've all helped me believe that I am that strong woman that everybody says I am.  I will not let anyone or anything bring me down anymore.  I loved playing catch up with friends over the past few days (Lori, Ger, Mary Ann and Vernis), seeing more good friends over the weekend, and then spending my Sunday, my mom's birthday, with my entire family: mom and dad, Joel and Len, Kuya, Sheila and B, my cousin Sheila who just moved here from the Philippines a week ago today, and Kuya Emon, Ate Len, Honey and Hannes, who also moved here from the Phils just 2 weeks ago.  I should also mention that I received my first call today from my peer supporter, Bev.  Many good things today.  Many things and people to be thankful for.


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  1. “This is my wish for you: Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds, laughter to kiss your lips, sunsets to warm your heart, hugs when spirits sag, beauty for your eyes to see, friendships to brighten your being, faith so that you can believe, confidence for when you doubt, courage to know yourself, patience to accept the truth, Love to complete your life.”


    These inspirational quotes have been really helpful to me when I'm low. I thought I'd share this one with you...keep you're head up..luv ya!